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Eyeliner is a cosmetic that has been around for many years. It can be used as an eyeliner or to create a more dramatic look by drawing along the eye line and over the eyelid. Eyeliners are available in various formulations such as cream, liquid, pencils, and gel-based formulas.
Eyeliners are often applied with an angled synthetic brush or other type of small brush where it is then drawn on the upper lid of the eye across from one’s pupil to just below the lashes on both eyes. This helps to make your eyes stand out more and creates a thin line between your natural eyeline and mascara application if you choose not to wear any mascara. Eyeliners can also be worn. The most popular use of eyeliner is to create a cat eye look. This blog post will provide helpful tips on how to do this effortlessly every time!

Check out these 3 steps for creating the perfect cat eye:

1) Start by lining your top lash line with black liner that has been pressed onto your skin with an angled brush.

2) Next you want to take a light brown shadow and smudge it under your lower lashes as well as on the outside corners of both eyes for definition

3) Lastly pick up some dark brown shadow and apply it lightly over the top of your upper lashes in

 It comes in many different colors. There are also many different techniques for applying eyeliner including tightlining, which involves lining just over the lash line of your upper eyelid with an opaque black product like gel liner or mascara and filling in any gaps with a translucent white pencil; smokey eye makeup where you apply dark shadow from the crease of your lid up to the brow bone then smudge it out using a brush; and winged liner which means drawing an angled line along the lashline on both sides of your eye.

We will explore how to create these looks below!

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