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Eyeshadow is a cosmetic that can be applied to the eyelids for color, definition and shine. This makeup product is composed of a pigmented powder or liquid held in an applicator (called a “pencil,” “brush” or “sponge”) which are used to create colors on the upper lids. It often comes in creamy textures as well as dry powders such as eyeshadows, eye liner pencils, and mascara.  There are many different shades available today with matte being one of the most popular options due to its versatility. The best time to apply your eyeshadow is before you put on any other makeup because it will make your entire look pop more!

Eyeshadow is a cosmetic that many people wear on their eyelids. It’s used for both functional and decorative purposes, most often to make the wearer appear more awake than they really are. Choosing the right eyeshadow can be difficult because there are so many options out there. I’ll discuss some of the different types of eyeshadows as well as what you should consider before purchasing one.

The best eyeshadow is the one that compliments your unique features and skin tone. If you are fair, find a light eyeshadow to reflect some light back onto your face. If you have darker skin, choose a rich brown or black shadows for more depth in color. When applying it to your eyelid, be sure not to put too much on, because if there is too much pigment applied it will look unnatural. You can also apply dark colors under your eye as an eyeliner with a small brush for definition and contrast.

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