It’s hard to find a makeup fixer that is not only affordable but also offers the best results. Most of us have had at least one instance where we’ve stayed out a little too late and our makeup started to look caked or smudged after an evening out on the town. This can be especially embarrassing if you forgot your makeup removal wipes or pads, so you’re stuck with no other option than using whatever product you happen to have in your purse. 
Blue Heaven Long Lasting Makeup Fixer was designed specifically for these kinds of situations! The formula is made from ingredients that are proven safe for all skin types and contains antioxidants which help reduce signs of aging while hydrating dry skin. With this multipurpose oil-free gel based primer, you will never need another product again! Just apply it before applying your favorite foundation and enjoy fresh looking face all day long!

About the product 😍
Blue Heaven Long Lasting Makeup Fixer is the new versatile oil-free gel based primer that might just change your opinion about primers. This product will not only protect your skin from environmental irritants and harmful substances but also keep makeup fresh all day long. The special 5 second quick dry formula, which has quickly become a favorite among celebrities and supermodels, offers you with an easy to use cleaning solution so that you can get rid of excess makeup after a long night out on the town!
The company strives to offer their users cost efficient high quality beauty items at affordable prices without skimping on service or excellence. Try Blue Heaven Primer for yourself today and see how it may be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Benefits: 😘
Standard benefits:
– Protects skin from environmental irritants and harmful substances.
– Keeps makeup fresh all day long.
Emotional benefits:
– Gives you a flawless complexion with no need for touch ups.
– Removes excess makeup after a long night out on the town!

What is included in one pack? 😎
1 Pcs of Blue Heaven Makeup Primer & Fixer

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Delivery: Just in 7 days* (For locations inside India)
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