Removing nail polish is a pain. It’s messy, time-consuming and often leads to chipped nails or broken cuticles. Nail polish removal shouldn’t be this hard! You deserve an easier solution that doesn’t take so much of your precious time, energy and patience. 
With Blue Heaven Instant Gel Nail Polish Remover you’ll get the perfect manicure in just two steps! One pump does all the work for you – it removes your nail color while conditioning your nails with vitamins E and B5. This gentle formula will leave you looking good without any scrubbing required! Simply apply a coat of our instant gel remover on top of your nail color, wait 20 seconds then use another pump to wipe away all traces of the old color from both hands — now THAT’S PERFECTION!

About the product 😍
The one-step polish remover is formulated with vitamins E and nail conditioners for a healthier, faster manicure that leaves the nails intact. With just two pumps, the remover removes all traces of your favorite nail color while giving them care they need to grow stronger than ever. If you’re feeling tired of scrubbing back and forth at your nails until they become calloused — it’s time for a change! Discover our salon-grade formula that leaves you looking good in no time! Enjoy ten times less scrubbing with this gentle solution we like to call PERFECTION!

Benefits: 😘
Standard benefits:
– Removes nail polish in less than two minutes.
– Conditions nails while removing polish.
Emotional benefits:
– Say goodbye to scrubbing your nails until they’re calloused and dry.
– Enjoy a manicure that feels like it was done by a professional!

What is included in one pack? 😎
1 Pcs of Blue Heaven Instant Gel Nail Polish Remover

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