Derma Suction Pore Cleaning Device
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Derma Suction Pore Cleaning Device



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Blackheads are a skin condition that can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but they’re also very common… Many people want to remove blackheads from their face, but the process is painful and often requires multiple tools.  
The Derma Suction Pore Cleaning Device offers a single solution for all of your blackhead removal needs. This easy-to-use machine features four different heads so you can choose the right one for each area on your face. The silicone head is great for exfoliating dead skin cells while the two suction heads are perfect at removing clogged pores. All three suction heads feature an adjustable vacuum power level so you have total control over how much pressure you use during treatment! The device runs on batteries which means it doesn’t require any cords or plugs in order to work!

About the product 😍
The Derma Suction Pore Cleaning Device is perfect for any beauty lovers who are looking to improve their skin tone and pore appearance. This suction tool uses four different suction heads designed for maximum ease of use, including silicone head which is great at exfoliation. Simply power this vacuum with your choice of our two power levels and then attach whichever head you need to reach those pesky blackheads! Easy cleaning will allow your device to last longer than ever as it doesn’t require batteries.

Benefits: 😘
Standard benefits:
– Clear your pores to reduce breakouts and give you a clearer complexion.
– Remove blackheads with ease.
Emotional benefits:
– Get rid of that embarrassing acne for good.
– Show off the skin you’ve always wanted!

What is included in one pack? 😎
1 Pcs of Derma Suction Pore Cleaning Device.

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